Search this site: now hosted on Debian infrastructure

So, since I registered the URL for serving the unofficial Debian images for the Raspberry computers,, in April 2020, I had been hosting it in my Dreamhost webspace.

Over two years ago –yes, before I finished setting it up in Dreamhost– Steve McIntyre approached me and invited me to host the images under the Debian cdimages user group. I told him I’d first just get the setup running, and later I would approach him for finalizing the setup.

Then, I set up the build on my own server, hosted on my Dreamhost account… and forgot about it for many months. Last month, there was a not particularly happy flamewar in finished with me stating I would be moving the hosting to Debian infrastructure soon.

Well… It took me a bit over a month to get this sorted out, together with several days of half-broken links, but it is finally done: is a CNAME for, which is the same system that hosts

And, of course — it is also reachable as — looks more official, but is less memorable 😉

Thanks a lot to Steve for the nudging, and to maswan to help finalizing the setup.

What next? Well, the images are being built on my server. I’d love to move the builder over to Debian machines as well. When? How? That’s still in the air.