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Twenty years

Twenty years… A seemingly big, very round number, at least for me.

I can recall several very well-known songs mentioning this timespan:

A quick Internet search yields many more… And yes, in human terms… 20 years is quite a big deal. And, of course, I have been long waiting for the right time to write this post.

Because twenty years ago, I got the mail.

Of course, the mail notifying me I had successfully finished my NM process and, as of April 2003, could consider myself to be a full-fledged Debian Project member.

Maybe by sheer chance it was today also that we spent the evening at Max’s house – I never worked directly with Max, but we both worked at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional at the same time back then.

But… Of course, a single twentyversary is not enough!

I don’t have the exact date, but I guess I might be off by some two or three months due to other things I remember from back then.

This year, I am forty years old as an Emacs and TeX user!

Back in 1983, on Friday nights, I went with my father to IIMAS (where I’m currently adscribed to as a PhD student, and where he was a researcher between 1971 and the mid-1990s) and used the computer — one of the two big computers they had in the Institute. And what could a seven-year-old boy do? Of course… use the programs this great Foonly F2 system had. Emacs and TeX (this is still before LaTeX).

40 years… And I still use the same base tools for my daily work, day in, day out.