5000 Km

Submitted by gwolf on Thu, 05/06/2010 - 07:34

In an amazing but meaningless feat of synchronicity, Toxicore's post led me to check how much distance have I done while excercising – I have mainly done this cycling, although some running also comes into play. Turns out I was just about to break the same mark he did. From my Nokia Sportstracker records:

Before breaking the 5000 Km mark, yesterday at noon:
Yesterday excercise records, at noon

After breaking the 5000 Km mark, yesterday at night:
Yesterday excercise records, at night

So, following Bubulle's style... If I have done 5000 Km since January 2008, when do you think I should reach 5500? 6000? 7000? Infinity and beyond?

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7000km? una distancia

7000km? una distancia interesante, referencial. es cuestion de tiempo nomas...