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Submitted by gwolf on Wed, 06/17/2009 - 14:06

I was sent to Nicaragua by the Cofradía community, and I want to somehow pay back this very nice sponsorship. I approached the organizers and offered to set up video streaming for the Encounter - The idea was most welcome, and it is basically ready to go live now. Please look at the ECSL activities - We will stream activities held at the main (Villa Vieja) auditorium. Remember that Nicaragua is in GMT-6. The stream will be available at http://video.cofradia.org:18000/ecsl.ogg

Now, once all attendees arrive tomorrow, it is very probable the available bandwidth will not be enough, even having our server in Mexico. Anyway, if we are unable to keep a decent stream up, we will locally record all said activities, and as soon as I get back home, I will make the recorded activities available.

[update]: It seems to work, although differently than what I expected. Instead of streaming using my usual magic1, which died at the merciless hands of network delays, but am instead storing the file locally, and just oggfwding it to the server with a couple of minutes of delay. But so far, it seems to work!

I will also try to push+publish the encoded files as often as possible to this server. I will link to them from this page:

  • 1. Which would be dvgrab --format raw - | ffmpeg -f dv -i - -acodec libvorbis -vcodec libtheora -s 320x240 -maxrate 230 -ab 32 -f ogg - | tee /tmp/ecsl_$(date +%y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S).ogg | oggfwd -p -n "Encuentro Centroamericano de Software Libre ECSL" video.cofradia.org 18000 my_password /ecsl.ogg
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yesterday, it worked good

yesterday, it worked good enough. i know, u were just testing... but it was a nice moment anyway...
good luck! see you all later, i hope.
thanks gunnar for make it possible

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Link broken

Gunnar, the second part of the streaming is broken, so please check it.

Thanks for the streaming

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Fixed, thanks!

And more videos added...

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Gunnar verifica el último link está roto :-) .

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Corregido, gracias!