Metros of the world

Submitted by gwolf on Wed, 08/30/2006 - 18:01
Thanks, Damog, for starting yet another pissing contest^W^Wnice and informative meme. And thanks, B3co, for writing yet another tool to waste my oh-so-scarce time. Which needs some CSS work if people like me keep showing up just to say "I'm also a frequent flier". Anyway, here I go.

Got at!
I found at least one Metro I've been to missing - But hey, maybe the people at München U-Bahn could not be bothered to come up with a logo? Update Well, B3co updated the site and included München - What can I do if not update my listing? ;-)
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Re: Metros of the world

Te falta el de Bilbao...
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Bueno, es que

Creo que nunca he estado en Bilbao! ;-)
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Re: Metros of the world

Munchen done! Thanks!!!