Thanks for the warning!

Submitted by gwolf on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 11:23
Ok, so I have my Mac Mini ready to overtake my old PC as my home server/gateway/whatnot. Before anything, I must thank Filip for his warning - I had left 3GB at the end of the disk to set up MacOS - Just for fun, just to play with it, maybe even to use the Mac On Linux trick. Anyway, if I want to do anything with MacOS, I can use Nadezhda's G5 imac... And it is not sane to have a server's interface to the world rely on a stack of two (cooperating, but still...) OSs. I'll just stick to good ol' wired Ethernet. PS: Fuck Broadcom.
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RE: Thanks for the warning!

also you may have trouble getting mac os x to run well in 3gb. it uses a swap file so needs quite a bit of freespace on its root filesystem.