Thanks, Debian!

Submitted by gwolf on Wed, 08/18/2010 - 08:00

This Monday, Debian celebrated its 17th birthday. Yay!

I was invited to celebrate the birthday at HacklabZAM, but could not make it due to the time (17:00-19:00, and I was just leaving work by 19:00), but still, had some beers with long-time geekish friends Iván Chavero, Rolando Cedillo, Manuel Rabade and Odín Mojica. Nice hanging around, good beer+pizza time, and explicit congratulations to Debian.

On the Debian front, Margarita Manterola, Maximiliano Curia, Valessio Brito and Raphael Geissert came up with a very fun Debian appreciation day page. It even included a (slight) hijacking of the bug tracking system's Web interface, showing happy fun balloons! Guys, thanks for a good laugh, and thanks for providing a vehicle for getting the users' thanks to the project!

All in all, that was a great reminder to what we have been repeating as a mantram throughout the last years: Lets keep Debian fun!

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¡Qué lástima que no llegaste!

¡Qué lástima que no llegaste! yo anduve por ahí en la ZAM. Fíjate que no conocía el lugar y a su gente, pero me llevé muy bonita impresión. Sus camisetas de Debian quedaron mejor que las que yo hice, principalmente porque la espiral no estaba invertida. Saludos Gunnar, ojalá nos veamos pronto.

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Camisetas y sentidos

Jajajaj, si crees que el sentido de la espiral define la calidad de la camiseta, estás muy equivocado. Tengo algunas camisetas con la espiral para un lado, para el otro, invertida verticalmente, deformada, decolorada/recolorada, repetida... Todo cabe!