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Good, things run smooth!

Submitted by gwolf on Tue, 07/12/2005 - 13:53
It has been basically two days I am not stuck in the reception, and that things seem to basically run smooth. I still owe Andreas some pieces of Comas functionality (which I hope will be ready by tomorrow), but it's been quite nice. I have even started doing some Debian-related job, adopting three packages I had pending, stomping on some bugs (although there was already a bug-squishing party yesterday night, which involved tequila, vodka, chapulines and some other stuff I don't remember the names for - I think a good proportion of my chapulines were happily squished by Debconf drunk but productive attendees). My wife came to Finland! She arrived two nights ago, I went to pick her up at the airport, and from there went to our good friend Ville's appartment. where she will be staying. One bottle of vodka later, we all slept like babies. Three hours later, I was on my way back to HUT to deliver my and Christian's BoF on Debian and Free Software in Latin America - Which turned out quite nicely. In fact, so nice that I have been bugging Herman and Tore waiting for the video to be published, as it can be interesting to my friends back home. Yesterday evening I also met with them for some Finnish sig htseeing and for a delicious and not too expensive dinner at a traditional Finnish place called "Sea Horse". I really rec ommend it - If you want directions on how to get there, approach me with a map in your hand, and I'll show you. Today they came and HUT and brought over all the remaining T-shirts - I can now announce to you all: I have all the shirt s I will have during Debconf. Want them? Come! First come first serve! This advertisement has been brought to you by Iden tidad Colectiva, making money for a geek family since 2004. About the evening, since they left? A nice hacking evening. The most productive (Debian-wise, not Comas-wise) since I got here.
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Quite different, indeed

Submitted by gwolf on Sat, 07/09/2005 - 07:18
How has this Debconf been to me? Quite different than what I expected. Having the responsability to have the information ordered and ready for everything to happen, managing the database up and down, has become a _very_ time-intensive task. I actually managed to take a day off with Danny, Amaya, Alberto and Jeroen to visit Talinn (Estonia), and it made quite a good difference - without that vacation I'd be burnt out already. This trip was quite bloggable - Yesterday I had written a long entry about it, but a fucking mouse gesture erased it from Firefox... I just managed to scream at the machine, get angry, and... Go on working ;-) We have been very busy at the reception. We are more doing this task than what I expected, and even though I feel I'm working my ass off, it is just too evident I have a shorter battery life than many others - I have been working on this +- from 10AM to 9PM, and after that, I just fall apart in many little pieces... Fabian, Aschwin, Andreas and Martin (at the reception, plus many others doing other work) just keep on working, and the volunteers we have had working here are just amazing, going on for countless hours afterwards. Anyway, guess I'm still a Mexican, and I cannot run away from my heritage :) Anyway... Yesterday we processed around 40 newcomers. Today, we expect about 80 - I'm stressed just at the thought :) However, yesterday the whole day was hectic, and today (even after giving my Debian Day talk) I am actually quite relaxed. Life's good. ...I intended to start hacking on some bugs I have with my packages and on preparing some new packages I have pending for upload (specially taking advantage to the fact that we have an FTP bending over)... I hope that by Monday/Tuesday that we get most people here I'll be able to disappear towards the Hacklab to do some Debian work.
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Miss the darkness

Submitted by gwolf on Mon, 07/04/2005 - 17:21
It has been two days already since I got to Finland, and I haven't sent a line to this blog. Some people are actually angry at my lack of communication... Well, guys, please come over, you are all invited - It is very hard to keep some time for yourself in this kind of situations. We are currently around 30 people at Otaniemi, Helsinki, working towards having a great Debconf in a couple of days. We have -at least- people from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Bosnia, Argentina and Mexico - and it is great. We are all working part of the time, and talking the rest of it. Now... There is something missing. When does a brave adventurer write his memories, send letters home or get his thoughts into paper (or comparable electronic media? There is only one possible answer: At night, when he is in the privacy of his tent, after feeding the horses and talking with the chieftains. This just does not work at 60 degrees North in July. Night lasts about two hours, from around 12AM to around 2AM. Now is what they expect us to believe is the darkest moment (1:15AM), and I see the sky as if the sun was about to rise, at 6:30AM, in my dear Mexico. Yes, there is a part of the sky in front of my window which is in fact yellowish. The Sun does not rise where it should. It does not cross the sky. It just does as it pleases - and it wants to circle around us, making us crazy and dizzy. Anyway, I am used to waking up early (yeah, right, lazy bum... Last month you could not get out of bed before 8AM save for one or two strange occasions!). I have been going to bed after a while of darkness - this means, around 1 or 2 AM, three days in a row. The first day, after the transatlantic flight, I woke up at 10 AM - Only after waking up at 8. And at 6. And at 4. And somewhere else. Today I woke up at 7AM, went to walk around, came back and worked until about 10, then showed my face to the public world. Today, at around 8PM, I was talking with Aschwin - I told him that, for no particular reason, I felt tired... Then I remembered of a bad sleep on the airplane (as it was packed, crowded with people... I even gave up on the idea of taking out my laptop to work a bit, as it was plainly too overcrowded and I wouldn't fit with it), a short and interrupted sleep, and a simply short sleep... And it hit me. My body was tired. So, at 9PM I decided to give it a go, play it quietly, hang around with the crowd and crash in my bed. Ok, so I did some Debconf stuff, went to the sauna with Andreas, Martin and Wouter, heavily discussed for some time, and came to bed at 1AM. Now it's 1:20, and I remembered I have to check mail as I have some pending work back home. I wonder how I will look like by Friday, when Debconf formally starts... Anyway... off to the bed. You can keep reading the story by looking at the few pictures I've taken
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On Debconf5's scheduling

Submitted by gwolf on Fri, 07/01/2005 - 02:19
AJ Towns wonders how the hell the timetable didn't seem to obey to any logic. Well... I agree with you: It was completely computer-generated, and there are many points that should have been taken into account, but were not. This is the second scheduling algorithm that has been used with Comas - I didn't suggest our previous one, as Don Armstrong's implementation introduced voting according to your interests so you don't get locked out by having two interesting talks at once. Of course, this is the first time his algorithm is tried - but it is running on, sorry, incomplete information - For example, we don't know (better yet: Our system doesn't know) which proposals will be more popular than others, so they get scheduled in the bigger room. And, yes, it's only a bigger room - it is not to give more importance to those talks. It's almost random. The algorithm we used for CONSOL 2004 and 2005 took into account proposal type and track, trying to keep the density of any given track as homogeneous as possible during the whole conference - once again, to keep you from missing interesting stuff. If you look at the timetables, of course, they are not really balanced - but that's because us humans had to tweak it afterwards. As you know, timetables are quite tricky. And, from what I understood from Don's mail announcing the schedule first draft (sent to the debconf5-team list, not yet to everybody interested), this is by far not final. So... Well, thanks for mentioning this points, I think Don will be able to tell the system to move it around (or just reshuffle - the results will change).But, please, don't act so hostile on us. Ok, I told you 30 minutes ago I could not keep my eyes open - Now it is official, I'm going to my bed. BTW, I'm still surrounded by my cats. If any of you has never heard a cat snore, you don't know what you are missing! ;-)
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Tired / getting ready to take off

Submitted by gwolf on Fri, 07/01/2005 - 01:46
Ok, so it is almost 2AM. Unlike many of you, this is not an usual hour to see me awake - I am a nice wake-up-at-8, sleep-at-12 guy. But this last couple of weeks have been hectic, and this is the culmination of the fscking process. Shit, no, it's not yet the culmination... Tomorrow I'll have to make a quick space to do some UPN work, which I have left aside for most of the week... At UNAM, things are going well. I have a couple of systems ready to be used, my institute already has a half-decent network presence and infrastructure, I am generating all of the statistics I was asked... Some stuff still pending to be installed and/or programmed, but anyway, the ship's moving. Also, I am very happy I got the DGSCA security group to reactivate the Admin-UNAM seminaries (after at least three years we had the last one). Today we had this seminar, we had a full auditorium, ~120 people (who were told to come with less than a week notice, which certainly sucks as much as being told by your boss you have to go, because the official invitation letter is not just signed by anybody but by DGSCA's general director... Anyway, I tried to do things more informal and with more time, but I don't run the show. I hate bureaucratic thought). We presented 8 hr of talks regarding perimetral security - I did the first 2hr, a very general introduction to the topic. The real nice part? Tomorrow evening I will board a plane, and Saturday evening I'll be in Helsinki. Of course, last-minute-chaos bit me - I have a couple of pending patches to Comas, and didn't have a recent enough version to hack on on my laptop - And we had no network at admin-unam. Ok, run back to the institute, cvs update, bring in a couple of extra useful packages, run back, start typing like crazy. 5PM, attention divided between the code and the talks. (BTW, has any of you ever tried to set up a Windows Internet Security Accelerator or something like that? The Microsoft firewall/proxy thingy. Man, I am glad I had never seen it before. I am more glad even I never will again. It's so damn complicated! Give me my iptables and shut up). Interrupt coding at least 20 times, as I was also commenting on the talk with my friend Turbo, who came from Temixco (little over 1hr away from Mexico City) for the Admin-UNAM Well... In the end, the clock is nearing 2AM. I am surrounded by four of my cats - Santa, Marabunta, Chupchic and Tin Tan. I finally have a working implementation of the (user view of the) volunteers functionality on Comas. Dirty as hell, I fear, so I don't think I'll integrate it ever on our main branch... But at least the ideas can be useful. No, you cannot yet sign up as volunteers, as I want to look at the diff without half of my working neurons trying to keep my eyelids open ;-) Don: I owe you incorporating your patch... Have not had time to check it. Once again, I hope I'll be able to do it tomorrow, although the day prior to a one-month absence will probably be impossible. Amaya: I just remembered about Héctor's tortillero... I think I won't make it :-( But I'll ask my wife, as she is most-probably going to meet me some days later in Finland, to get one along with her. And, no, that silly smile of yours is not only yours :) Aigars: As you are quite active on the anti-software patents scene: Are we planning some sort of something to be held in Finland on the day prior to the banana vote? (July 7, IIRC) We will be quite an impressive crowd of knowledgeable people for the reporters to admire! ;-) Anyway... I'm off to the bed. See you in HEL!
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Release party in .mx / cool T-shirts!

Submitted by gwolf on Fri, 06/17/2005 - 10:45
We Mexicans are known for taking too long to do things... So, nine days after Sarge stabilized, yesterday we had our release party. Much larger than what I originally thought (we only announced it to the almost-dead debianmexico list AFAIK, and most people there do not live in this city). We were over 30, and there were people coming from surrounding cities, up to ~200Km away. We had a good time, food and beer at Hamburguesas Memorables. I arrived over 1hr late because we were printing. What were we printing? Well, that's obvious: I am very proud of Nadezhda's work. She dedicated many nights to having it just perfect - Of course, we found a couple of details we will continue working on for the 3.1r1 T-shirt - But I am quite proud of what I am now wearing. ...And, yes, I am surprised I have not seen any other Sarge artwork yet. Am I blind?
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/me shivers...

Submitted by gwolf on Thu, 06/09/2005 - 18:36
I had not updated my Sid boxes since last week as I feared the mirrors would be too full. I knew this was coming. Lots of invasive, destabilizing changes were told to wait for post-Sarge... Now we will get back our feeling of good ol' Sid's unstability. First, Mathias' message warning about the C++ ABI change (which, being über-optimistic, will only mean a complete recompile of a shitload of stuff, but will surely mean hundreds of new open bugs). Now, I did my first post-Sarge update/upgrade, I see that GCC 4.0, PostgreSQL 8 and Perl 5.8.7 are all invited. I am reading that Jordi's having fun with Gnome 2.10. And it's still not a week... Ok, let the breakage begin! That's the only way we'll get the fun of picking up the pieces and glueing them back again!
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Submitted by gwolf on Mon, 06/06/2005 - 18:57
Ok, so everybody now knows it: the beast is out there! I missed the big moment on IRC due to an appointment at my shrink... My thanks go to Thaddeus Black, who sent me a complete IRC log, which I just followed trying to imagine I was there ;-) Now... Who was that said it? Long Live Sarge! ^U... ummmm... Short Live Sarge!!! See you in Etch, guys! Congratulations!!!
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Bad timings revisited

Submitted by gwolf on Mon, 05/23/2005 - 10:10
Remember I was ranting about two weeks ago about the mod_perl2 API madness? Well, what was bound to happen just happened. mod_perl 2.0.0 was released on Friday. It contains only minor changes after that nasty API change we had on 1.999_22 - And, of course, in the pkg-perl group we already got an impatient user (Leonel... ¿Nuñez? I'd swear it's you!) asking for it to be included in Sarge. Yes, we all know: That's just not going to happen. Sadly, Sarge will carry a mod_perl2 that will be API-incompatible with the stable mod_perl2 elsewhere. That's a good point for moving our arses and getting Etch out soon!
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Fr0zen! / Where were you by Woody time?

Submitted by gwolf on Tue, 05/03/2005 - 20:16
Wow... Like most people, upon reading the last Andi's announcement last week, I decided to go get my bugs - And, yes, I did nice progress... So it was a bit frustrating on one hand to find out today that Sarge is finally frozen. Yes, I know we are not supposed to wait until the last minute - But hey, face it, it is a great motivation! ;-) (and, yes, I will contact debian-release regarding a set of changes I did today that closed five bugs, even though non-critical). Now, this blog is syndicated at my local community as well - For you guys, what does this freeze mean? No, we have not released Sarge yet. However, we are in a very special period, where the final bugs are squished, aiming to release Sarge in a month. Yes, we are notorious for skipping deadlines, but this time it does look like it. And, believe it or not, we are really into finding a way to get Etch out in less time. Anyway... The freeze by itself deserves a celebration. And very, very soon (by the Debian time standards) we will have a major celebration coming up. I just got an inspiration - I will try to start a... New meme - New meme - New meme Where were you when Woody was released? I remember reading the announcement at a lent terminal, at UNAM's Computer Security Department. We still had the (now defunct) Free Software Area next door, and I was a common fixture over there, even if I worked at the Iztacala campus, over 1hr away. Funny, today I was there again, after not visiting for many months, presenting an idea for an Admin-UNAM meeting.
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Debconf5 flood

Submitted by gwolf on Tue, 03/15/2005 - 18:28
WOW... The Debconf Comas system we set up had been running quite smoothly for already some months. People were registering in quite a nice, ordered way... We had around 30 registered proposals, and everything was fine. Well, mostly everything. You see, we had as a proposal submission deadline March 15 2005, 23:59 UTC. In order to allow only for timely new proposals, Comas checks this date - only that I was checking for the date, not for the time... Since March 15 2005 00:00 UTC until around 16:00 UTC when I fixed this, we were gratuitously rejecting the proposals. And I had done the math wrong when setting the local cutoff time, as the server is in UTC+2, but I am (as I live in UTC-6) used to adding instead of substracting, so we got another two more hours off the air. I even gasped when I saw the titles for #debconf and #debconf-team: website proposal form b0rken, mail proposals to debconf5-speakers@l.debconf.o, cc: gwolf@debian.o - WHATTHEFUCKDOYOUMEANBYB0RKEN?! My system is not b0rken (although my logic certainly is)! ;-) I have been receiving mails with proposals for the last couple of hours - add that to having a stupidly busy day, I was longing for 23:59UTC to finally arrive. And it has finally arrived - No new proposals for Debconf will be accepted (unless our academic committee (Stockholm+Jbailey+Amaya) strong-arm me into acceptance, of course). Well, anyway... Sadly I don't record proposal submission timestamps in Comas, it should be interesting to make a graph similar to the one about persons - During the first day, we got five registered proposals. Then, a long period of laziness... and today we got at least 10 (out of the current 42. And, yes, I am still missing two. Anyway, time to go back to UNAM work - Jordi, Juanjo, I'll upload your talks by tomorrow :)
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Bye bye, my oldest bug

Submitted by gwolf on Mon, 03/07/2005 - 18:57
Wow... It is not every day that you have the chance of closing a bug that is over five years old. #41890 can now be crossed out, thanks to Julian Mehnle for his patch. No, no big trumpets, as it was quite an easy bug to fix... But at least is just a little step closer to world domination, just a little step closer to perfect code ;-)
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WTF is this?

Submitted by gwolf on Tue, 12/14/2004 - 11:22
Ok... If you know me, you will be perplexed to find this as my current desktop. Yes, people that know me know that I dislike integrated desktop environments. I am a very happy WindowMaker user, have been faithful to WMaker for at least seven years... But anyway, I have found myself recommending Linux to almost-average users... So I decided to force myself to use a computer as they would for a couple of days at least. I am trying to get the whole user perspective, even the settings they would use (i.e., graphical smileys in Gaim... That's bad!), even using one of the pieces I most often loathe in favor of the traditional terminal: The file manager. Well... Almost anything - Just don't take away neither mutt nor Emacs. So far, after some four hours and thinking as a user, I like Gnome. I do think some things should be different, but before screaming about them, I'll play more with it. I had not used it since... The 1.4 days, I think. 2.8 has just entered Debian, and it is amazingly smooth. I plan to submit myself at least to two days of Gnome torture, then two days of KDE torture... If time allows, I'll even torture myself again with xfce, although I tried to do so in the past, and never liked it :)
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