Lovin' it in Afghanistan

Submitted by gwolf on Thu, 10/29/2009 - 11:00
Lovin' it in Afghanistan

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to travel to Colombia, where I delivered a talk at III Encuentro Internacional de Seguridad Informática in the city of Manizales (photos available, of course. I travelled with Colombia's nacional airline, Avianca.

On completely unrelated news, today I entered Avianca's website to check my miles. To my biggest amusement… Turns out I am now a resident of Bamiyan, Afghanistan! (I swear I didn't select that)

…Seems they do beard-based georeferentiation?

NP: Hey, mister Taliban, tally me bananas
daylight come and me wanna go home!

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Ahora que lo mencionas, !yo tengo que renovar mi visa en 2012! y no la he usado mas que en 2002... je.

Dicen que ya los de migración aprendieron a usar google, así que tal vez no sea tan buena idea tenerlo en el blog ;)

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Oh nos!!!

  1. <sarcasm>
  2. So are you telling us that we have a DD who is a terrorist?
  3. Is my computer going to blow up now after the next dist-upgrade?
  5. /me switches back to windows to stay more secure while Matt Drudge publishes news about terrorists creating exploding computers.
  6. </sarcasm>

Amusing post Gunnar the Talabani

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Presumably you already know

Presumably you already know this, but this usually happens because Afghanistan sorts first alphabetically in a list of countries.

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Yes, but...

I filled up all the correct data where it was requested from me. If they didnt' allow me to select a country, and they decided I am Afghan... Well, that's some serious mind trick.

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"Por favor, señor Talibán"

Algo nos ocultas. ¿Recuerdas aquella buena mujer ofreciéndote mercancías en Nicaragua? ;)

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Cuando el río suena…

Es porque agua trae.

Y si no trae agua, piedra y palo trae.

(Guárdate tus comentarios hasta que haya obtenido la renovación de mi visa de EUA! :-D )