Preparing for the geeky holidays with suitable wine

Submitted by gwolf on Wed, 12/23/2009 - 13:45
Preparing for the geeky holidays with suitable wine

Quoting The Klezmatics: It's everybody-else's annual end-of-the-year-time holiday, the name of which respectfully we do not choose to say, but that does not prohibit us in any concievable way from wishing you a very merry everybody-else's end-of-the-year-time holiday!
In order to properly welcome this 2010 in a geeky fashion, I got the following wines to share with my friends:

  • My last bottle of the now world-famous and limited edition Debian wine, from Extremadura Tempranillo grapes
  • What is it like trying to coordinate a timely, predictable release? Why, yes, it has precisely been described as herding cats. And even better, the most successful project so far to mate Debian with timely, predictable releases seems to come from South Africa. Likewise this nice bottle!
  • Mar del Sur (Southern Sea) Chilean wine. Strikingly similar to our Debian wine, with a swirl that tends towards some reformistic proposals we have seen. We shall see what it holds for us!
  • And as a tribute to our little derivative, Emdebian, we shall also try this Australian Little Penguin.

Happy ${joyful_ocassion}!

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