Safety restrictions in Chapultepec

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Safety restrictions in Chapultepec

Umh… More than one strange thing here.

  • Adults are forbidden if not accompanied by children‽ First time I ever see such a sign...
  • It is common for people to bring several things to a park which might constitute a sign. But, please explain all of the icons…
    • Explain the relative severity of biking (0,0) or eating (1,0) at a park to… Bringing weapons? (2,0)
    • Oh, and of course, they have to be inclusive and list things — So not only it is forbidden to bring food and drinks, but also to serve drinks (3,0), or to cook food (which would have to take place in the non-existing grills) (0,1)
    • Not only they forbid biking (0,0), but also performing athletic competitions including biking (3,1)

    There also several flaws in the iconography used:

    • Is it forbidden to listen to music and to enable cell phones? (2,1)
    • Is it forbidden to use matches to light a lighter? (1,2)

…Seen at a Chapultepec park playground, Mexico City.

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