Is it for real now?

Submitted by gwolf on Sun, 10/10/2004 - 12:41
[code="Perl"]use strict; print "Hello, world!\n";[/code] Many times through my life I have tried to start blogging somehow - On different public servers, maintaining a plain-HTML dairy, or similar strategies... And every time I did it, I ended up leaving it behind. I have been playing for quite some time with the idea of starting up a blog - Why not? Anyway, I have my own (although _very_ little) server, my friend [friend]ion[/friend] wrote quite a nice blogging software, [friend]Nadezhda[/friend]'s birthday was coming and we are too broke to consider giving her anything costy (and she has repeatedly told me she wants a blog ;-) ), I want my life to be syndicated in some planets, so... Here I am. Wish me luck! ;-)
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