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Back home... Back to work?

I just got back from Chile. A very nice experience. I liked very much the enthusiasm and involvement of the people, the interest on joining Free Software projects, the actual work that is being done here… There were three days of talks, during which I spent most of the time, of course, talking with the attendees mostly about Debian - There is an incredible amount of interest for Debian in the country. Bruno is close to becoming Chile’s first DD, and I am sure many others will follow. I have about 8 people on my list for keysigning, I think I will put my mind to it tomorrow… I am excited to see more activity down there! As for me… Well, back to work. No, wait - This is Gunnar speaking. And I am still unemployed, I am still waiting for confirmation at UNAM. Everything points out that I am hired… But, as Son de la negra says, a todos diles que sí, pero no les digas cuando, así me dijiste a mí, por eso vivo penando. I have been waiting for this paperwork to be done since I was in Bolivia, in August :-( Tomorrow I will catch up with my mail, will try to work out some ideas with Comas (yes, MiG, I already started coding), check details with my two UPN-related things, work on some Debian packages/bugs/ideas I have pending for too long, go on with MonitorK’s authentication, go to a LUG meeting in the evening… The days seems a bit packed :-/ It seems it will be one of those days spanning 48 or 72 hours.

I have grown used to get to the airport and come by myself home. Today I found Nadezhda waiting for me there. It made me very happy. Thanks :-D