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Good news in many fronts

I have not been so happy for a long time. Two things I was very eagerly waiting for are becoming tangible. First of all, yesterday Pooka finally mailed me to notify me I have been accepted to work at IIEc - UNAM. I have been hoping for this to come true since… August, I think. I will start working as a sysadmin at UNAM on January 1st (theoretically, of course - January 3 is much more believable), which means I will go back to a sane schedule, back to have some time to hack on interesting stuff… Joy! Secondly, after my dear lactop’s motherboard passed away over one month ago, my friend Alexander found a spare to replace it (and financed me so I would not go nuts - Right now I don’t have the ~US$300 this costed). I am writing this from my dear lactop. What did I miss most? Two things: First of all, this machine has a 1400x1050 display, and after this, working with a crappy 1024x768 (even if the machine is much smaller) sucks. Secondly, I love this keyboard. Plain old US layout, no extra things to bother me, no keys in strange places just to save space - The perfect keyboard. And, yes, on the monetary front: My friend Roberto needs someone to do some Perl consulting in Tijuana next week. I think that consulting will pay for my motherboard and for a new computer for Nadezhda (poor girl, she is suffering with a dying and unreliable machine, and as our little printing business grows, so does her dependence on having a trustable machine). All in all, even after a 7hr trip by bus from Teziutlán (fucking ADO… Who told them the shortest path between Teziutlán and Mexico goes through Perote?), this was one of the happiest days in a long time. My niece is spending the night with us, and that also brightens things up even more. By the way: She is the main culprit we had a very nice cochinita pibil for dinner :-)


aakk 2005-01-06 17:23:12

RE: Good news in many fronts

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AAKK 2005-01-18 00:08:49

RE: Good news in many fronts

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maria 2004-10-31 11:01:22

RE: Good news in many fronts

wow!! congratulations!!!