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Back from GULEV

Ok, I spent a good part of last week at the annual GULEV conference, in Veracruz. I had the opportunity of spending almost five days (travel time included) full time with my friends from the Mexican community and, sometimes, from abroad, catching up on what each of us is doing, having some beer (or a bit more than that), etc. Although many of the regulars didn’t show up this time, we had quite a nice time. I have currently no photos available, but I hope to have them ready by tomorrow on my blog. Something strange happened this time in Veracruz, and many of my friends (Tacvbo, [friend]P4ola[/friend], [friend]Sonny_taz[/friend], [friend]Toxickore[/friend], Liss, Diego, Alex, Taur, Sandino and Tania) got sick while there. I hope not to join the ranks of sick geeks any time soon. Yesterday I got home past 12AM, and today I was busy most of the day sleeping and spending some time with Nadezhda, so (although I stomped on two RC bugs on Friday/early Saturday and did some uploads tonight) I mostly missed Debian’s bug squashing party. It is 1AM already, so the BSP is over in most of the world (except for Western USA and Canada)… Well, until next time!