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IIEc-UNAM - Day 1

While I will be formally hired starting January 1, this is my first real day of work at IIEc-UNAM. I am very happy about this, as this has been my goal for many months already. So, what is it there in store for me? First of all, IIEc has an Origin 200 server, bought some six years ago, which has never really been used. I know this machine is, by today’s standards, far from amazing… But my first task is to get some life into its old circuits. What does it have? » hinv -v -m -mvvv IP27 Node Board, Module 1, Slot MotherBoard ASIC HUB Rev 3, 90 MHz, (nasid 0)
Processor A: 180 MHz R10000 Rev 2.6 Secondary Cache 1MB 120MHz Tap 0x9 , (cpu 0) R10010FPC Rev 2.6
Processor B: 180 MHz R10000 Rev 2.6 Secondary Cache 1MB 120MHz Tap 0x9 , (cpu 1) R10010FPC Rev 2.6
Memory on board, 256 MBytes (Standard) Bank 0, 128 MBytes (Standard) <– (Software Bank 0) Bank 1, 128 MBytes (Standard)
BASEIO Origin 200 IO Board, Module 1, Slot MotherBoard ASIC BRIDGE Rev 3, (widget 8)
adapter PCI-SCSI Rev 5, (pci id 0) peripheral SCSI DISK, ID 1, SGI IBM DGHS09Y peripheral SCSI DISK, ID 2, SGI IBM DGHS09Y peripheral SCSI DISK, ID 3, SGI IBM DGHS09Y adapter PCI-SCSI Rev 5, (pci id 1)
peripheral SCSI CDROM, ID 3, TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-5701TA adapter IOC3 Rev 1, (pci id 2)
controller multi function SuperIO controller Ethernet Rev 1
…Looks nice. It currently has Irix 6.5 installed, which I would sysadmin if it were my only choice, as it doesn’t seem to be supported by d-i and Linux resources in general are quite scarce about it… But there are some reports stating that Debian can be installed in it. (yes, I am pasting this URLs in order to use my blog as a bookmark holder ;-) Congratulations: I now have three machines of non-common architectures waiting to be installed: The m68k Quadra 950 that Pop’s brothers gave me, the Multia that Alexander traded me for an old laptop and this new monster. I hope not to repeat Iztacala’s RS6000 history :-}

WOW. My /etc/apt/sources.list now points at I downloaded 145MB (had not updated my laptop for ~2 weeks). I got an average of 550kBps, peaking at 700kBps. Hell, my local network at home is slower than that! (yes, wifi) I am gonna be very happy here.


J 2004-11-20 21:01:11

RE: IIEc-UNAM - Day 1

I’ve also experienced the joys of a local Debian mirror; with the one at my <a href="">university</a>, I regularly get download rates of ~5MB/s (and yes, that’s a capital ‘B’). :)