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Ok, now I am busy!

After bitching so much about not having a real job and being too busy doing nothing, the last week was full of good news. First of all, I was speaking with Ido, who works at one of the remaining parts of the company I worked for for some weeks (long story… :) ), and he told me he needed a sysadmin for a simple server. Right now, the server is serving nothing, but they will start giving good use to it soon. A very bad configured Fedora 2… I will be working on its debianization soon. Then, as I was arriving back home from Teziutlán, another friend told me he wanted me to go teach some Perl at Tijuana. I have to confirm this with him, but it seems I will be spending most of this week there. Yes, I said I was sick of travelling - But this time I will get paid for my time ;-) And yesterday I talked with [friend]César[/friend]. About six weeks ago I talked with him regarding another job, for Telmex’s Centro de Cultura Digital. I told him I was planning on going to work at UNAM, but if he wanted me around for a couple of months, I was interested. Well, Telmex seems to be a huge bureaucracy as well… I had given up hope on this one. Yesterday he told me I was in. Starting next Monday and until I start working at UNAM, I will be working for Telmex. Oh! And something very important I could not miss today: Today I have been for nine years with Nadezhda. Amazing how time flies… Cosa, gracias por todo! :-***