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IMAP namespaces

How come seemingly no one ever gets RFC 2342 right? I recently set up a Courier IMAP server for a new client. A nice setup, all in all… But my client was complaining he could not create any folders in it. All he ever got from the server was a not-so-nice Invalid mailbox name from the server. Dive into Courier’s documentation and into RFC 2060. Having done some work wrapping network services (and, by far, most of my work was devoted to fully understanding and implementing SMTP and POP3), it was easy to get to this point: $ telnet my.server 143


Andre Goncalves 2005-02-16 04:28:37

RE: IMAP namespaces

I’ve another answer from the server!

a create inbox.test a NO Cannot create this folder.

Corrupted dbx. Outlook express wont open. 2005-06-07 23:40:42

RE: IMAP namespaces

I have been using it when I have Corrupted dbx and Outlook express wont open. Outlook Express more stable and secure than other programs.

Gunnar 2004-12-02 08:58:14

RE: IMAP namespaces

Nope :-( <tt>2 create .newfolder 2 NO Invalid mailbox name. </tt> But anyway, at least I have the answer… And I just have to ask users to use clueful IMAP clients :)

Gunnar 2004-12-02 08:59:12

RE: IMAP namespaces

I know :-( And it seems it also doesn’t like HTML tags in the comments :)

Josh 2004-12-01 23:36:07

RE: IMAP namespaces

Use dovecot, it doesn’t seem to do the INBOX thing, and seems to be very stable and compact as well.

migus 2004-12-02 02:51:42

RE: IMAP namespaces

IIRC you can create any folder but It must begin with a dot.

At home I have ".migus-eu/", ".debian-private" and so on….

It is quite anying but It works nicely

migus 2004-12-02 02:53:04

RE: IMAP namespaces

You blog does not like the dash :-)