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Is it slow? Nah, it is just December

Almost two weeks, not a single post? Well, yes, life tends to slow down for the holidays. Although I have been mostly working, at least a couple of hours every day, I have managed to do very little this last weeks. There has, though, been some activity. I have sat down to hack on Comas quite a bit. Mig has done his good share as well. I am happy about it. And we are gathering more people in the project - Comas will be used for the Bolivian Free Software Conference, for a German Perl workshop… And it seems we are getting more hands. This is getting fun! :-D I was also busy printing and selling with Nadezhda some very nice Debian T-shirts, just like the ones I took to the last GULEV conference. Very nice T-shirts, I really liked the result, and I have sold them at a nice pace - even being vacations and all. Now… While browsing around, I came around the very nice Visited Countries site. Of course, my ego did not let me go away just like that… So here it is: …Although it seems quite unfair that a visit to Montreal or a visit to Porto Alegre are good for such a huge impact area, this little map is something I long wanted to do. Now, why doesn’t he have one of the Mexican states? ;-) But nothing beats the world-map-on-a-corkboard-with-lots-of-tacks I want on my wall ;-)