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So Mexpost is...

Unbelievable. I have a package pending to be sent to my mother, who lives in Sweden. I have delayed a lot with it… After all, I have to get to a Mexpost office to have it delivered. Mexpost defines itself as an accelerated courier service. It is part of SEPOMEX, Mexico’s postal service. Traditionally, it has been the cheapest courier service in Mexico. I would not trust sending five CDs and a book by regular mail… Ok, so today I got to a Mexpost office. Twenty minutes to get the lady in charge to write down the data on the computer (some ten lines of text - Of course, I had to help her to write Förläggerevägen ;-) ). Only then, she tells me it costs something around MX$360 (some US$34) to send this 300 gram package. Shit, I don’t have enough money on me. And, of course, at a public office she will not accept my bank card. From my office, minutes later, I call DHL. Yes, they will pick it up at my home. Yes, they assure me it will take only 2 work days to be delivered. Yes, they will charge me - MX$320. …Now, why does SEPOMEX complain it is losing clients, is it for the higher prices, for the lousier service, for the hardness to reach their office, or what?


beto 2005-01-01 19:10:32

I have no idea…

hahahaha pendejo maybe is because u are an idiot mother f…

Daniel A. G. 2005-07-31 00:46:29

Yisus Kraist

Dear Gunnar:

First of all let me tell you it’s fine for me to find your blog by searching information about MexPost. I am looking for a service to send an electric guitar I brought on an outlet via internet… I am definetly doubting about MexPost after reading your comments…

Well, anyways I send you a very big hug!!!


Dan 2005-05-10 10:41:48

RE: So Mexpost is…

I already try it, and it really sucks! I am frustrated, ‘coz my package was sent 6 days ago (even in car will take only 8hrs to come here)and nobody in the postal office can tell me where it is!.

Kokey 2004-12-10 11:49:43

I have no idea…

Maybe is because we like to be "malinchistas" hahahahaha!!

markuz 2004-12-12 13:05:53

RE: So Mexpost is…

It is because mexpost is there just to be there, not to be better. DHL, Estafeta, and others are "In their bussines".

SIRMCANNON 2005-06-14 10:29:33

RE: So Mexpost is…

well in my experience as far as mexican couriers estafeta seems to have better reach, good service and cheaper pricing than DHL, as far as MEXPOSTtoday I sent a package just to check things out we’ll see how it turns out. All things asides I hace sent about 10 packages (nothing important of course) through certified mail, and in all fairness i have to say that all of them have reached their destination in ten days tops. or less.