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I am complete! / Debconf stuff

Yesterday I got my X-ray results - I am fortunately complete, no apparent injuries to my bones or discs. I got some pretty simple advice from an aunt who is a Feldenkrais instructor, and yes, it still hurts and I still look funny when standing up/sitting down, but it is getting better. Sadly, I still haven’t received the medical insurance papers from UNAM, so those MX$2300 for a complete set of X-rays were off my pocket. I’ll see what can I do to pay some other things I have pending :-/ Anyway… I’ll manage. for i in seq 1 100 do echo "I should not inspire pity" done

Yesterday was a productive day. I did the finishing touches to allow for registration for Debconf using a branch off Comas - There are still details to fix, so the registration is still not in the official server, but I hope to have it soon. Why am I blogging about it and getting more people to whine on why isn’t it ready yet? Because, at best, that will cause more pressure on me to have it ready soon ;-) Guys, see you in HEL! I also started yesterday asking my Debianmexico friends for suggestions on where to make Debconf6 - Oaxtepec looks like the winner, but there are many other possible choices (and many still unexplored). Strangely, most of them seem to be IMSS-owned. I hope to go to meet those places soon, I’ll keep you posted.

Rodrigo, you should know that I take you as one of the prime examples of nerdiness in Mexico. I am amazed you think the same about me :)

Jesús: I don’t understand how can you believe that Tlalnepantla is better than ${place}. I worked in Tlalnepantla for some four years - It is just like a little town inside Mexico City, but without the beauty. It is one of the places I’d gladly omit from my memory. Good look in Guadalajara!


Tachi 2005-01-18 17:09:50

RE: I am complete! / Debconf stuff

Thanks Gunnar for your message, i was born in Tlalnepantla and i found my "edges" of games my places of fun here, This places that you never leave your memory when your a child and that today when im away from them and my friends of the infancy, you don’t have an idea how much i miss them. howerver the adventure of starting a new life cheers me up to continue, now more than ever that i have all of you like an example i can follow, and let me tell you that you are part of those icons of linux that we have to try to imitate. thanks P.D. Sorry, my english is bad