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On my way to work, I went upstairs to grab my glasses. As I was going down, Tin Tan was drinking water from his plate on the middle-step on the stairs (you know, that step that is wider and the direction of the stairs changes). I decided not to bother him, skipping that step. Next thing I know, Tin Tan is running upstairs, quite scared, and I am heading downstairs, quite faster than what I intended. I shouldn’t skip over two steps while using my slippers - They do slip. I have problems with every movement. What bothers me more is that sitting in front of a computer is almost as painful as not using a computer for a couple of days. I hope the pain just goes away soon.

I really liked Luciano’s suggestion for my post (regarding John Goerzen’s): You can even use Festival to read your day’s to-do list out loud first thing in the morning!