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Congratulations / on giving FS talks to a non-technical audience

Branden: Congratulations! :-D We were all waiting for the day you finally took over - Now enhanced with an official Cabal! For the non-Debian guys reading my blog, it can be interesting to take a look at the Condorcet voting system.

…Interesting to know that joeyh is exactly 16 days older than me. Congratulations as well :)

In ~1hr I will be giving a talk - its title can be roughly translated as Free Software: An alternate model for knowledge production. Now, why am I excited about this? I have grown quite used to giving this kind of talks, explaining what Free Software is and how its development works, in front of technical or quasi-technical audiences. This time it is very different: As I work at the UNAM Economical Research Institute, I am giving this talk to economists. I hope I can find someone interested in working this more thoroughly with me, to have a formal economical analysis of our way of working. At the very least, I hope not to be laughed at - my first sheet reads:

What is Free Software?
  • A social movement that wants to correct a historic aberration
  • Thousands of volunteers breaking every economic prediction
  • A new knowledge production model
  • A fair scheme of intelectual property licensing

…Lets see how it works ;-)