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Is my president disconnected from reality?

That is the only plausible explanation I can find… Vicente Fox and his team are continuously telling things are better in every possible aspect. Supposedly, more jobs are created every day - Of course, strongly aided by his ridiculous microcredit program, which has given a total of (according to the Presidency’s own good news website) 700 million pesos (around 63 million dollars) to 1.3 million families - That gives us a whooping average of 538 pesos (48 dollars) per family! Maybe that’ll be enough to buy a carbon stove and large pot, the needed material to sit outside a Metro station and sell tamales… Meanwhile, the Economist Intelligence Unit (from The Economist - Not exactly a left-wing group) reports that during the four and a half years that Fox has ruled here not a single formal job has been created. And that surprises nobody - this government has seen a huge increase of the informal economy - People selling whatever goods they can get a hold of in the streets, with no social security, no medical care, no security for the future… But this seems to be good, they say… Now, last week we all heard Fox’s infortunate declarations: A proud president defends his conationals working -mainly as illegal immigrants- in the USA, saying that they do jobs that not even black people want. Yup. We were all stunned at his ability to screw up over and over. He never apologized - The only thing heard after this was that his secretary said his comments were misinterpreted and were no racist at all. He was even visited by anti-racist fighter Jessee Jackson, who invited Fox to his radio program in Chicago. Our president was proudly there - But Fox seems to be unable to be publicly sorry. And even so, the Presidency’s site lists this intervention as a notable achievement. Many people talk about foxilandia. That’s a term I have refused to use… But it seems this man’s idiocy is as real as portrayed. 19 months to go. For the first time ever, there is a chance our next president can come from the left-wing opposition (well… Cárdenas won in 1988 and everybody knows that - But that chance was sadly smashed). As bad as López Obrador can seem, he just cannot be worse than what we have had for the past 74 years.


Chris 2005-05-23 13:59:28

RE: Is my president autist?

The minor of the credits is for 2,000 pesos. But, if you success with this credit you are able to ask a second bigger one (5000-15000) and the money of the first credit is yours (no obligation to pay). There are at least 3 levels like this.

The main problem is that without a plan any amount of money is small.

Darius 2005-05-23 14:14:16

RE: Is my president autist?

Many autists would take your subject very, very offensive. Please, consider changing it.

I have a friend autist, so I take your subject offensive and unresponsible, too.

Gunnar 2005-05-23 17:11:00

RE: Is my president autist?

Point taken. Correction made. Sorry.