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Some months ago, I (as well as some other old-time friends) was contacted by my friend Nopal to help Jason Scott translate to Spanish his project of the last couple of years: The BBS documentary, a 3-DVD documentary of the start of our online lives. I joined BBSes in 1992 and started my own in 1993, but there is material in there dating back to 1979 (CBBS)! Well, in the end we didn’t coordinate as tightly as we should have, so we only managed to translate the bonus tracks, not the main feature. Some material we translated didn’t make it in the end. But, anyway, I was very excited about this project. Some four days ago, I got a strange little box in the mail. I thought it was some kind of postal-spam, as I wasn’t really expecting a thing. To my surprise, it is my very copy of the documentary! Thanks a lot, Jason! The DVD set is released under the Creative Commons share-alike license (or… Well, I must check on this, as it says “portions of”…), so I think I can ofer you all a copy if you want it (and are in the same locality I am, which usually means Mexico City, and have a DVD burner, which I don’t). Of course, I can bring it over to Helsinki if somebody is interested - just tell me please before Friday, as I’m leaving on that day.


Gunnar 2005-06-27 09:00:14


Sorry… This CMS software has a "feature" called textilize, so if you -write something between dashes- it strikes it out. There are many nice things about it, many exasperant ones… But I have been to lazy to turn it off ;-)

Mauricio 2005-06-26 21:33:24


i want one!