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Miss the darkness

It has been two days already since I got to Finland, and I haven’t sent a line to this blog. Some people are actually angry at my lack of communication… Well, guys, please come over, you are all invited - It is very hard to keep some time for yourself in this kind of situations. We are currently around 30 people at Otaniemi, Helsinki, working towards having a great Debconf in a couple of days. We have -at least- people from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Bosnia, Argentina and Mexico - and it is great. We are all working part of the time, and talking the rest of it. Now… There is something missing. When does a brave adventurer write his memories, send letters home or get his thoughts into paper (or comparable electronic media? There is only one possible answer: At night, when he is in the privacy of his tent, after feeding the horses and talking with the chieftains. This just does not work at 60 degrees North in July. Night lasts about two hours, from around 12AM to around 2AM. Now is what they expect us to believe is the darkest moment (1:15AM), and I see the sky as if the sun was about to rise, at 6:30AM, in my dear Mexico. Yes, there is a part of the sky in front of my window which is in fact yellowish. The Sun does not rise where it should. It does not cross the sky. It just does as it pleases - and it wants to circle around us, making us crazy and dizzy. Anyway, I am used to waking up early (yeah, right, lazy bum… Last month you could not get out of bed before 8AM save for one or two strange occasions!). I have been going to bed after a while of darkness - this means, around 1 or 2 AM, three days in a row. The first day, after the transatlantic flight, I woke up at 10 AM - Only after waking up at 8. And at 6. And at 4. And somewhere else. Today I woke up at 7AM, went to walk around, came back and worked until about 10, then showed my face to the public world. Today, at around 8PM, I was talking with Aschwin - I told him that, for no particular reason, I felt tired… Then I remembered of a bad sleep on the airplane (as it was packed, crowded with people… I even gave up on the idea of taking out my laptop to work a bit, as it was plainly too overcrowded and I wouldn’t fit with it), a short and interrupted sleep, and a simply short sleep… And it hit me. My body was tired. So, at 9PM I decided to give it a go, play it quietly, hang around with the crowd and crash in my bed. Ok, so I did some Debconf stuff, went to the sauna with Andreas, Martin and Wouter, heavily discussed for some time, and came to bed at 1AM. Now it’s 1:20, and I remembered I have to check mail as I have some pending work back home. I wonder how I will look like by Friday, when Debconf formally starts… Anyway… off to the bed. You can keep reading the story by looking at the few pictures I’ve taken


Mauricio 2005-07-04 20:14:14

RE: Miss the darkness

más fotos! es verano, no lo olvides!!