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Bancomer sucks

Ok, so I am back in Mexico, although for only three days (tomorrow I am leaving for Colombia). After one month in Finland/Sweden, I wanted to at least advance on some pending issues I have at work and at home - I have mostly failed miserably, as I am too unfocused on any of those items. Well, that’s a bit unfair, as at least I have advanced a bit :) …This morning I went to the bank. Things at my university take a long time, we all know it - I got my bank card (so they pay me there instead of via terribly uncomfortable and old-fashioned cheques) over three months ago. Of course, I had never used it, and I misplaced the paper slip with my NIP. I thought going to the bank to ask for a reposition would be easy and straightforward. Think again. Some years ago, they had a simple card reader where I would slip the card and type in a new number - not anymore. They will send me a new envelope with the number to my house in around three days - Of course, it is much more secure to send a slip of paper on the mail than to let the card owner type in the number and have it written nowhere. I need the money. Crap. Maybe I can transfer it using their website… Ok, I go to another desk to ask them to activate my Internet banking account - Everything goes smoothly, the teller is even smiling, until he finds that my registered address is the one I had six years ago. Strange, as the lady on the terminal had just verified my current address! Well, anyway, that would not bother me too much - Only that he tells me he cannot give me the access contract to sign because my address does not match what I have on my ID card. I have to go to the branch where my account resides. Please note that, in any event, this is not my fault - The university always opens the accounts in the same branch, which is not (for some unknown reason) really close to the university (and therefore to my house). I had in my hand my new account contract, with the right address. Well, in the end I lost 40 minutes arguing. I cannot afford to spend the whole day in the bank - I had to do what I often do at that bank: Get angry, yell at him that the customer service level has went consistently down for the last some years, and walk away. Several years ago they started automatizing everything, and I, being a tech-head, thought things would be smoother, that I would not have ever to go to different branches, that the information would be always available. At this particular branch, two blocks away from my house, they can at least recognize my face, as I go quite often - Which they won’t recognize in the branch my account resides in. The information is in the network, they have all what is needed to change my account’s data - Why do I have to lose a fscking morning to go somewhere else?