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IBM keyboards / Enter and return

Romain: IBM keyboards rule. I still have mine, dating from 1989, and in perfect shape. Delicious to touch. I think yours is a special edition, however, as mine has one E key only ;-) Bubulle: In Spanish and Latin American keyboards (yes, they are different and they both suck - The Spanish one sucks doubly), it is common to see keyboards labeled with Intro, a strange attempt to translate Enter. I have never seen a person call that key “Intro”, althought some programs do refer to it. But anyway, for extra points: How would you call the icon for the numeric pad Enter key in Apple’s keyboards? What does ⊼ mean? Where did it come from? I think it is the biggest oddity in the otherwise very rational design of the Macintoshes that I don’t understand.


Adam G 2005-09-22 23:11:25

RE: IBM keyboards / Enter and return

Weirder than the symbol on the Command key? Where DID that come from?

Gunnar 2005-09-23 08:51:21

RE: IBM keyboards / Enter and return

No, the circumflex accent (which is graphically defined but does not exist in Spanish AFAIK) is quite different… This symbol is like a circumflex with a bar on top - But measuring the full size of the character.

Gunnar 2005-09-23 08:53:24

Enter/Return distinction

Hmmmm… That makes sense, and we should stick to it - But it means that only in the applications. Their keyboards have the ‘return’ symbol (i.e. the arrow pointing down and to the left) and the silly ‘enter’ symbol I mentioned in my posting

kad 2005-09-25 21:24:37

RE: IBM keyboards / Enter and return

that’s correct (i’m dumb), that’s why I posted a second part to that comment, about the old calculator machines… which sounds more plausible.

tr011 2005-09-23 11:50:10

RE: IBM keyboards / Enter and return

Yea.. they rule! i’m still using the old keyboard of my IBM PS/2!!! and it works perfectly!!! since i don’t use my PS/2 i had allways use my IBM KB … it’s really heavy.. buy so nice to touch … and makes a lot of noice, just like a old typewriter XD