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The Universe is conspiring against me

There is no other rational explanation. Today, I finally finished upgrading my Institute’s ancient network infrastructure - Our network was still running over a 10mbps shared segment, one week ago I replaced the hubs by switches in three of the four floors, and today I did the last one - of course, my floor, the only one that’s densely populated, and where the firewall and servers live. Instead of two lockers with one hub each, with a small mess but nothing more than that, today I replaced four hubs with three switches, in a major mess. Ok, nothing the average sysadmin hasn’t done before. Estimated time? 90 minutes. I plug the net back in, and can see my internal network instantly. Beautiful. I can check the Institute’s web site from a random machine. Gorgeous. I can even reach the University web site - Life is good. Or so it seems. I reach nothing else. For ${DEITY}’s sake… What can it be? Well, after some 20 minutes of bad luck (this means, I could not understand a bloody thing why was everything working fine on my end but I could not reach out of the University), I had to head back home, as the Institute closes at strictly 9PM, and it was already 9:15. I even tried logging in to the Physics Institute, where I have an account - Success! Anyway, no time to debug. I come back home… Well, before anything else: Please, don’t forget that UNAM is home to over 300,000 students. It is the largest University in Mexico, probably in Latin America. It was founded over 450 years ago. I mean, it is a serious place. Ok, please explain me this: $ traceroute -n traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets 1 0.627 ms 0.404 ms 0.381 ms 2 0.179 ms 0.159 ms 0.153 ms 3 2.333 ms 0.893 ms 0.862 ms 4 32.014 ms 24.159 ms 3.464 ms 5 20.342 ms 30.751 ms 31.827 ms 6 18.951 ms 31.810 ms 31.688 ms 7 32.680 ms 16.426 ms 30.449 ms 8 20.964 ms 46.971 ms 62.977 ms 9 48.579 ms 56.504 ms 48.209 ms 10 * * * 11 * * * Bloody crap… I am trying to reach one of the central servers of the University! What the Fsck, this University has 3 B-class segments (that is, over 192,000 IP addresses, and over 60,000 connected computers). It is one of the main Internet providers in the continent! Why on Earth did the network feel like going on vacation precisely the night I am working on infrastructure!?


FHerrera 2005-09-23 14:36:56

RE: The Universe is conspiring against me

Todavia tienes este problema ? Ademas de efectuar cambios en el hardware de tu RED, efectuaste algun cambio en el direccionamiento? Quien es? es el puerto Serial de algun router? a quien esta conectado? Cual es el siguiente salto desde es algun router bajo tu control?

Gunnar 2005-09-09 09:56:47


Who wants to be rational? I want to complain!

lightme 2005-09-12 14:37:24

RE: The Universe is conspiring against me

C’mon, maybe its only a bad planetary config.

Mauricio 2005-09-06 21:36:50

RE: The Universe is conspiring against me

<a href="">Murphy’s Law</a> ? ;-)

Pascalin 2005-09-08 21:45:15

RE: The Universe is conspiring against me

Sorry Gunnar, but "The universe is conspiring against me" is not really a rational explanation :-P