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My presentation in VI SIIS in Tacna, Perú

I am about to give a presentation in Tacna, Perú, at the VI SIIS, Universidad Nacional Jorge Basadre Grohmann. What is different this time? That I am waiting for the conference to start, sitting in my nice workplace at IIEc-UNAM. Yes, I was supposed to go and talk there (and was quite excited to go to the I ConclaDeb at Arequipa last week). Anyway, why cancel my talk, having the technical means to carry it out? Less than five minutes from now we will start. There is only one thing I regret: As a complete multimedia neophyte, I could not suggest an application to do this from within Linux - We will be using MSN for the presentation. I have a friend’s computer on my desktop, and MSN worked great (and at the first try!) for this - Who can suggest me a free alternative for doing this (specially taking into account that I cannot go to the other end and do much configuration on their side - It must be something speaking a standard format) Anyway… Time to talk! I’ll have my paper (Spanish only, sorry - Analizadores morfológicos aplicados al lenguaje natural, aplicaciones para la búsqueda de información) online. Right now I only have my presentation there, but in a couple of hours, the paper should be there as well.