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DebConf6 in May - Why?

I see that plans start getting ready. Bubulle is coming, Wouter is not, and people will soon start getting their plans ready. I am quite excited about it! Of course, I need to devote more time to it, which is hard to me - but I will do it. Oaxtepec rules, you will love the place. I went there again to spend a weekend with Nadezhda - Took some more photos, added them to the album. Debconf guys: Yes, I owe you a full report… It will come. Soon. Promise. Anyway… I’m excited. Debian friends, Mexican interested friends: What are you waiting for? Join us! Register! [update] Well, I published this entry, but then realized I wanted to answer to Wouter’s question: Why in May? ;-) First of all, weather: The weather is plainly better in May. Somewhat warmer… The rainy season starts in May/June, but believe me, you don’t want to have your laptop out during Morelos State’s well known thunderstorms! Second, I fear of political instability. Next July we will be having our federal elections. We don’t anticipate instability such as what we had in 1994 (which, please you all be quiet, didn’t even mean violence in the streets), but still… It’s better not to have Debconf too near the elections. Third, prices - Most places are noticeably more expensive during Summer. And, yes, I know some people will not be able to attend… I am sorry to learn you are one of them. Still, I’m sure some other people would not be able to make it in July.