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On the current Oaxtepec weather

Turns out my blog is becoming some sort of metereologic forecast for Oaxtepec… Would you say it’s because Debconf is getting dangerously near? Replying to H01ger’s question on IRC: It is raining. More than usual for this time of year. It’s a good thing, though. Why? 10 days ago, I was bitterly complaining April was the hot season in Mexico. Rains usually start in mid- to late- May - But this year, they came a bit early, and this week we have had low to medium intensity rains almost every evening. Now, how is the rainy season in this part of Mexico? Unless it is extremely rainy (we get a couple of such days in August/September), most of the day will be sunny, and at around 16:00 it will start getting cloudy. Rain usually starts between 18:00 and 20:00. If everything’s fine, then it will be gone by 22:00 - it might go on a bit longer, but usually it does not. So don’t worry, a bit of rain will not spoil your sunny days in Oaxtepec. It will make the heath much more bearable. Or at least, I hope so ;-)