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Working on politics: The FeCal project

Ok, it may not be ready yet, it might be lacking too many details. It might even make sense to make this initial announcement in Spanish - But a long time ago, I decided my blog would be English-only, as most of the people who read it are not Spanish speakers. Anyway, here I go. We are less than one month away of the presidential elections in Mexico. We are facing the choice between two candidates (the others won’t really make a difference this time): Felipe Calderón, a conservative member of the right-wing PAN party (currently ruling), and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from the center-leftist PRD party. There are way too many reasons for me, and for my friends, to prefer and promote the López Obrador project. No, that is not the definitive leftist stance we want, but it is a good step in the right direction. He was the major for Mexico City from 2000 to 2005, and his government showed he knows how to push social programs, he knows how to improve the conditions of the mass of the population, he knows he must start acting from below, reducing the terrible gap that exists in my country between poor and rich people, among the steepest differencies in the world. So… Instead of flooding my personal blog with things that are not directly relevant to most of us, some friends and I have started setting up, the unofficial site of Felipe Calderón. Yes, we took some of the steps we often criticize about the right-wing propaganda: Attacking instead of proposing. López Obrador has lost some points as he is centered more in proposing and spreading his government plan than in destroying Felipe Calderón - While Calderón has been working on creating fear, on tying López Obrador’s figure to that of an authoritarian dictator (Hugo Chávez has often been quoted, although it has been proven over and over no link or similarity exists), on dismissing his economic program saying he only knows how to create debt (while Mexico City’s economy was strongly reactivated during López Obrador’s period, and the city’s public debt has not grown considerably compared to what previous governments did), and simply ignoring any criticism to his own project dismissing them as baseless propaganda. Originally, we intended FeCal to become just a parody of Felipe’s official site, emphasizing on what a shitty candidate he is (no wonder he carries such a name!), but we decided to be more propositive than him - We will post news following Felipe’s intransigency, erroneous economic decisions and incoherences, yes, but we will also write articles by ourselves, trying to provide more interesting content, something that can objectively be used as a reference on why Felipe Calderón’s project cannot be seen as socially responsable, as something that will benefit anybody but the current ruling elite - Just giving six more years to the already too long 24 year old marriage with neoliberalism we have seen, just continuity with the current government’s failures, just more white-collar corrupt thieves which never recieve any kind of punishment and discourage people from pushing together towards a better country. So, I stop flooding here. If you want to take part in the FeCal project, please contact me. If you agree with what we say, link us from your page, from your texts, from whatever you do.