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How to change a large bill

Last Monday, I went out to meet Álvaro and the LIDSOL gang. At 18:00, I had surely missed his Cherokee talk, which I have seen already a couple of times… Anyway :) …So I had to take the metro. Two stops only, but I didn’t feel like walking - and they would probably leave if I took ~30 minutes to arrive. Problem: I didn’t have any metro tickets, and I had only a MX$500 bill on me. Very previsive, I stopped by the ATM just by the station’s entrance, and got MX$100. One metro ticket costs MX$2. The $100 bill was quite worn out, though, even glued together by some adhesive tape, so it was not that surprising when the clerk didn’t want to take it. Clerk: (quickly taking the $50 bill and several coins she had put in the window opening for me to pick up) Sorry, I cannot take that bill. Gunnar: Ok, well, I understand… I’m sorry, then, I must pay you with this $500 bill… C: Sorry, I don’t have change for that. (looking over me, unsympathetically, to the next in queue) How many? G: (blocking her view to the next guy) Well, so what alternatives can you offer me? I need to take this trip. C: Go change your bill somewhere else. G: As you might have well noticed, it’s worn out. And I’m not buying $450 of tacos. C: I don’t have change. G: I see you have quite a bunch of $10 coins, in towers of ten… C: You really want that? G: Looks I have no choice… (Visibly pissed off, the clerk just shoves 4 full stacks and one stack minus a coin in the window opening. No, no bills were offered, not even the $50 one she had lying in front of her) (Gunnar, patiently, takes one by one the 49 large coins and puts them in his pocket) G: (smiling, as if I had put the third consecutive 7 in Mao) Thank you very very much for your kindness! Of course, after that, I left with ~1kg in my left pocket. Enough to kill many people.


Gunnar 2006-09-28 12:53:54

Re: Re: How to change a large bill

XD ! Yes, you are right, you are completely right… I’m not selling fake bills or anything - It was a $500 bill… I happened to have a total of $600 with me :) …Going to fix it ;-)

kad 2006-09-27 16:26:54

Re: How to change a large bill

How in $DEITY’s sake did you get a $600 bill? who is the person on it? Miguel de Icaza? :-p

rodrigo 2006-09-27 13:50:03

Re: How to change a large bill

Well, it’s a good thing then you’ve been excercising :-)