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Race condition found!

Less than one year ago, I had had enough. At over 135 Kg, not having done any kind of excercise or diet for too many years, I was on a very sorry shape - and although thankfully I have never had any important illness, I don’t want to bet my life on luck alone. So, by November (to be exact, on the same week Nadezhda and I had our wedding), I joined my University’s obesity, overweight and sedentarism program - Of course, ready to admit defeat. Over the last year, however, my life has changed completely - Many of you have congratulated me in person or electronically. Thank you very much. It has surely been a tough job - And I intend to follow on it! As of my last measurement, I was weighing 100.2 Kg, finally under the obesity treshold for -probably- the first time since high school. I am having my excercise hour every morning - and, unbelievably, I enjoy it. And yes, many among you have witnessed me and Nadezhda jogging, talking about our training, or whatnot. I remember probably in May or June 2005, chatting with Jordi, I was trying to talk him into travelling for Debconf5 to Finland. He was unsure, as he wanted to train for a triathlon - And, half-joking but half-serious, I questioned whether he would rank sports even close to Debian work. Surprise, surprise: He did. Of course, he later decided to go to Debconf, but anyway :) …Ok, this post is all in the past. What now about me? Why am I writing what you all already know? Simple: I found myself in a race condition. Yesterday, September 30, Nadezhda and I took part of the annual UNAM nocturnal race. How was it? Delicious. 8Km, starting next to UNAM’s 1968 Olympics Stadium, going up towards the San Jerónimo exit, then back down across Insurgentes, past the swimming pool, the Architecture faculty and IIMAS, then up by Engineering, Accounting and Social Work. Under Insurgentes again, up past the Biomedical, Ecology and Biology institutes, next to the Botanical garden, then by the sports fields where we work out every day, and down to the stadium - To finish with a very emotive, really inspiring, really great last run inside the 1968 Olympics Stadium. I made a 53 minutes time, averaging 156 heartbeats per minute (quite high but not completely off for me). Of course, we got our souvenir T-shirts, and… Man, sign me up for the next one! :D


Edgar 2006-10-01 18:48:19

Re: Race condition found!

Hombre, me uno a las felicitaciones, pero ademas, ademas, yo voy en el sentido opuesto, tu entrada me motiva a tomar cartas en el asunto. Felicidades y muchas gracias!

Edgar 2006-10-01 19:01:21

Re: Race condition found!

No, no es la entrada lo que me motiva, sino tu entusiasmo.