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Reflections on the air

[2006-10-13 18:00] There is a popular saying in Spanish, “en viernes 13 ni te cases ni te embarques” - Roughly, On Friday the 13th, don’t get married and don’t board a ship. That makes perfect sense - I’m already married, so I’m not worried about the first part. About the second, you never now - So I’d better take the plane to a country without sea access. Bolivia, here I go.

[2006-10-13 23:30] I’m writing this blog entry as I fly out of Mexico towards Bolivia, via Panama, on Lloyd Aereo Boliviano’s flight number 911. The captain just announced that dinner will be served shortly, and invited those of us who want to enjoy the meal to open the tables, in order to get a better service. I fear that if I don’t open it, I might get soup served straight over my pants, or something like that.

[2006-10-14 02:40] At the Panama airport. Captain informs again: “Passengers, we inform you we will replenish fuel. Therefore, if you choose not to go out for 15 minutes, we will request you to sit down with your seat belt unlocked. You will not be allowed to walk along the ailes. The bathrooms will be closed. Please do not ring the bells.” Damn, that brings quite a lot of quiet about the refueling process - Of course I went down for 15 minutes, along with everybody else. BTW, shame I didn’t take my laptop with me, as the battery is now at 15%… The Panama airport has (contrary to most airports I’ve been to in recent years) plenty of power outlets. Anyway, maybe on the way back. It’s now 03:00 (Mexico time), and I think I’ll have a better use for the next four hours until we arrive to Bolivia than coding.


vicm3 2006-10-15 15:26:54

Viernes 13

Bueno, en la cultura Anglosajona el viernes 13 es de mala suerte en la hispanoparlante lo es el martes 13… el dicho es “Martes 13 ni te cases ni te embarques”

En ingles, sobre el viernes 13

Un intento muy bueno en español sobre el Martes 13… :D

Aparentemente los captchas son mas efectivos con humanos que con bots, esta es la tercera vez que intento enviar el comentario.