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AGH! The Devil! The Devil!

Winter is mercilessly arriving in Mexico City. This is the third day we get an average temperature of 10 Celsius (although the first day it happens with a nice, unclouded sky, as Winter is usually offered here). People wear jackets everywhere, and every conversation starts with mention of the cold weather. Of course, remember very few people have any kind of heating here, as the lowest we ever get is close to the freezing point. In general lines, I enjoy our winter. However, something happened today that made me have apocalyptic visions: Automatic, synthetic and terrible Christmas music. Yes, somebody brought to the office musical Christmas decorations. I have two choices: Listen to my music loud enough to bother other people (and drown the Christmas chimes) or just go nuts. Well, three choices. If they don’t stop it, I might just short-circuit it so it goes to hell forever.


markuz 2006-11-22 08:26:03

Re: AGH! The Devil! The Devil!

Go for the third!!