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Honest spammers

Wow…This time I’m truly amazed. A spam just hit my debian-devel mailbox. That’s sadly not strange at all, I know. Only that I started reading it. It says:

Spammers don't seem to target us for their random alias generation
tools, or        maybe they haven't got to the letter 'o' yet. com
for subsequent posts, but that whole barn door thing comes to mind.
In so doing, values are overlooked often and mistakes are made. Maybe
Microsoft will let me        change my alias.
Maybe some of it would actually be useful to me. For whatever reason, my
Microsoft email address didn't ever get        spam.

Then it goes on talking nonsense splattered with all kinds of garbage talk, some news (or whatever) about stock options of a China Health thing, and goes on throwing nonsense blabber. Sorry, I’m not linking to it (I’ll probably later update this entry), it’s still not available in the Web archive of debian-devel.”>


Gunnar 2006-11-24 05:09:20

Re: Re: Honest spammers

You are right. And anyway, linking to them and giving them some points is not what I’d like to do ;-)

Kari Pahula 2006-11-23 19:13:57

Re: Honest spammers

I wouldn’t expect it to be available for long in the web archives, whenever it arrives there. They do purge spam from there.