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A mug of joy

I’m officially on vacation. That basically means there is nobody at my office. This time, though, it does not mean I will be the only sentient being in the building - I’ll take most of the three weeks at home. I hope to be able to do some Debian work and catch up with some other projects… Anyway, part of not being at the office means I don’t have my usual dose of coffee. At home, I very seldom drink coffee, although I really love to have it home-style (i.e. not made by the easy-to-massify drip coffee machine). In fact, for at least a month, we had not had any coffee. Yesterday I bought 1/2 Kg of fresh ground coffee at a nearby store. Right away, I drank two large mugs of coffee. Yummy. Today, I felt a bit more creative. One of the things that my nutriologist taught me in the last year (wow… it’s been over a year I started dieting and excercising daily! Around 40Kg less. Not bad, huh? :D ) is that I was eating too little sugar, and ordered me to get at least two portions of sugar a day. So, I’m having today’s second coffee. With kahlúa (coffee liquor), which would be forbidden at my workplace. And I’m enjoying it terribly. Hmh… I do hope I don’t get too much sugar during vacations! ;-) (including the family dinners over holidays)