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Those who owned the Bible

I came across a very nice story by Leonel Rubio (Leonel, please correct me if I’m misattributing this to you), licensed under the Creative Commons license. It’s in Spanish, but quite worth a read - Aquellos que Poseían la Biblia (Those who owned the Bible). It starts with the supposition that Disney, at the end of the ever-recurring cycle where they ask the US Congress to extend the duration of copyright (so that Mickey and Donald don’t fall into the public domain), they push boldly for a new record: Not just 20 more years, but 500. Of course, this would be easily torn apart in little pieces in the laxest of law courts, but still, a nice read :) Thanks, Leonel! :D


Leo_On 2007-01-30 20:17:22

Re: Those who owned the Bible

Gracias por linkearme Gunnar, el escrito no es mio, realmente no se quien sea el autor, me lo pasaron por correo solo con los datos de quienes hicieron la traduccion.

fedorento, Dr Zito y Alex Werden.

De echo, creo ya antes lo habia mandado a cofradia digital.