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Free KQemu - Yay!

I’ve been feeling dirty lately - For my netadmin tasks, I’ve been heavily relying on running virtualized instances of the various MS Windows flavors, to check for compatibility with my work. Of course, being a zealot, I would not run VMWare (as it is grossly non-free from every possible angle) - I used Qemu. I’m also, however, impatient as hell - If I’m going to suffer from the sluggishness of the typical Microsoft desktop OS, I just don’t want to suffer from emulation slugishness as well! Of course, the KQemu kernel accelerator module came to my rescue. I felt tainted, as it was just free as in beer. Well, today the sun rose, and the world looks shinier. Yes, it’s chilly in Mexico City (around 5 Celsius), but great news always make the sun shine brighter: First thing I read in the morning,”>KQEMU 1.3.0pre10 released - under the GPL! Of course, it’s echoed at Barrapunto. Even better, it took little time for Mike Hommey to post it into Planet Debian. Better still, Daniel Baumann has already packaged and uploaded it to NEW (and has an APT repository already set up with unofficial packages). Ftp-masters, please, issue the dear green light soon! :-D /me does the dance of joy