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Suspend to RAM and video cards not noticing

My dear comment-hating Bubulle, you forced me into writing yet another weblog entry :) I have not yet worked it out completely, but it might be that your problems with suspend to RAM your Dell machine are related to having the Composite or AIGLX extensions loaded. This is just an hypothesis, and might be just wrong, but:

So… Christian, have you tried the plainest X configuration? Have you tried maybe switching to one of the virtual consoles before suspending? Or maybe even shutting down your X session? I hope this helps you chase down your problem. Do not worry, though - I don’t want to be hugged/kissed to death by a cheese-eating translation-loving Frenchman.


Eddy Petrisor 2007-03-06 17:02:18

Re: Suspend to RAM and video cards not noticing

I assume you are using fglrx, but which video card are you using?

Also, which version of the driver are you using? Is it from the Debian package or from the upstream package? If from the upstream package, was that through their generated deb package?

glandium 2007-03-06 07:47:17

Re: Suspend to RAM and video cards not noticing

I am using composite and aiglx and have no problem whatsoever with suspend to disk or ram, except occasionnal freeze on wake from suspend to ram, once in a while.

Gunnar 2007-03-07 06:41:16


I don’t think I use fglrx - grep -ri fglrx /etc/X11 gives no results. Other than that, I’m using regular Debian Sid packages. i865 on the desktop, i945M on the laptop.