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Nekkid city!

I did it.
We did it.
The whole lot of us did it.
And we liked it.
In fact, we loved it.
Today, Spencer Tunick held his long awaited <a href=”>session in Mexico City</a>. I signed up a long time ago, yet could not believe this was really going to happen - And man, did it happen!
For those still wondering who is Tunick (lazy you, as with the first link, it becomes just obvious), he is an artist who enjoys gathering large crowds, getting them all naked, and photographing them. Some people (including me, until this morning) erroneously categorize him as a photographer - No way! Out of Tunick’s own words, out of many comments I heard and read today (i.e. at El Universal’s forum), I can assure you only a participant can feel Tunick’s art - A sensation of togetherness, of freedom, of clean enjoyment, throwing out the denial and repression we have regarding ourselves and our society.</br> I was quite skeptical. The Mexican society is well known for being conservative on many issues. Nudism in Mexico is basically something not even talked about. There are a couple of nudist beaches, but they are closely associated with relaxed morals and drug abuse, and are just not safe for, say, women on their own. Nudists are seen as sex-maniacs… And, yes, this is as far as it gets from truth.
As I said, not only did it happen here, but how! We were between 18,000 and 20,000 naked people in the Zócalo, Mexico City’s main square, the third largest square in the world. The previous attendance record for Tunick’s works was at Barcelona, Spain, with 7,000 people. And the surprise is not just the number - I insist, it fills me with joy to recognize a positive change in my country, to recognize we are not that retrograde anymore.
Nadezhda and I were there, as many couples, groups of friends, even families (although, yes, people under 18 were requested not to come - they would be expelled if found). I think the main age group was people in their late 20s, but there were many people from every age group. We met people who travelled from Jalapa, Veracruz (5 hr away), to be here today. I read reports of people coming from Guanajuato (5 hr), Oaxaca (6-7 hr), even Durango (14 hr)! We met near the Zócalo at 4:30 AM, as Tunick likes making his work with the early morning light. As you can imagine, and after quite a busy and tiring day, I feel like minced meat… So I’ll leave this for now. I expect to come back to the topic in the next couple of days - But anyway: This was amazing. Incredible.


Adriano 2007-05-06 21:33:17

Re: Nekkid city!

Gunnar, you say that “there are a couple of nudist beaches,” that are “just not safe for, say, women on their own.” Then you say that “Nudists are seen as sex-maniacs… And, yes, this is as far as it gets from truth.” All in the same sentence. It looks like either the fears of the society are a bit justified, or you bit into one of the preconceptions without realizing it.

biella 2007-05-07 22:23:08

Re: Nekkid city!

was wondering if you were party of the crown of free skin! and indeed, you were and seemed to really get a nude kick. glad to hear it was so wonderful!

Gunnar 2007-05-09 08:00:23

Re: Re: Nekkid city!

Heh… Strange - I was just next to Nadezhda. She says she remembers the one about Spencer - I only remember the one about Norberto ;-)

Gunnar 2007-05-07 07:26:03

Re: Re: Nekkid city!

What I’m quoting here is the general conception. Nudist beaches are not safe for women going there alone - I know of three women that have done so. One of them was raped. The other two… Knew something fishy was happening, and manage to get out of there harmless but scared. The second statement you quote, nudists are seen as sex-maniacs… And, yes,this is as far as it gets from truth.: Even with what I tell you, I stand by my statement. Nudists are uninhibited people, who like enjoying the freedom of not wearing any clothes, maybe mixing it with a nice sauna, or some sun, or whatever (maybe just freezing your ass on an early Sunday morning). But there are sex-starved people that go to the nudists in a sick, sometimes even violent attitude. It’s not the nudists that are sex-maniacs - but the people that often try to take advantage of them.I’ll speak a bit more about this (and the bits that sadly appeared during yesterday’s session) in a later posting.

Gunnar 2007-05-07 07:29:31

Thanks - Fixed!

And… Thanks again ;-)

Ivan 2007-05-07 11:53:57

Re: Nekkid city!

True, we (Mexicans) are delayed for the present world, being close-minded in several aspects but nudism is not new or you don’t recall those crowds walking on DF’s avenues/streets yelling and demanding

Still I guess it was fun being photographed naked withing a crowd, did you get copies of the pics, video maybe LOL please don’t take me for a perv just curious.

jordi 2007-05-06 21:08:38

Re: Nekkid city!

Creo que eres la única persona que conozco que fue! que chingón, felicidades

Nadezhda 2007-05-08 07:49:37

Re: Re: Nekkid city!

I can just confirm the first phrase about Norberto; about ‘Spencer, hermano…’ now I know what they were shouting! :)

Omar 2007-05-06 21:38:22

Re: Nekkid city!

Your link (Spencer Tunick) has a “ at the end :)

By the way, nice Gunnar…quite interesting personality you have!!!

Keep being such a great person…

Your friend, Omar M

Titab 2007-05-08 03:37:27

Re: Nekkid city!

Is it true crows shouted « ¡¡Norberto Rivera, el pueblo se te encuera!! », « ¡¡Spencer, hermano, nos viste todo el ano!! »?

(even if they didn’t they phrases are cool!)