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On sending out the right image

At my Institute, we get the El Financiero newspaper - I like it quite a bit. It’s very well balanced, with opinions from all of the political and economical points of view. Of course, it has huge business and market sections which I don’t usually even care on looking at, as I won’t understand much anyway. Those sections usually include advertisements for potential courses and businesses.
Today, Nadezhda showed me an ad that’s just beautiful - It shows off the level of commitment and seriousness a company has. It is so beautiful that it deserves me copying it in Spanish and translating it for your further enjoyment. Of course, if somebody stumbles upon this advertisement at my personal blog - I don’t know them, they might just be serious but clueless :)<blockquote align="center">GRUPO DE ASESORES PROFESIONALES
A académicos, investigadores, intelectuales, economistas y expertos en reformas estructurales para el análisis de las siguientes:
<ul><li>Economía y finanzas</li><li>Educación y empleo</li><li>Seguridad y desarrollo social</li><li>Política y Energía</li><li>Reforma del estado</li></ul>Para integrarse a un equipo serio y propositivo de Profesionales en estas áreas que brinde asesoría puntual sobre las antes descritas.
REQUISITOS: Titulados con Maestría y/o Doctorado. Contar con publicaciones especializadas.
Interesados enviar CV al correo electrónico:

Bosque de Ciruelos No. 140, piso 12, oficina 1202, col. Bosques de las Lomas</blockquote>And now, for your further amusement, in my hastily translated English, as faithfully as I can do it.<blockquote align="center">GROUP OF PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS
Academics, researchers, intelectuals, economists and structural reform experts for the analysis of the following areas:
<ul><li>Economics and finances</li><li>Education and employment</li><li>Social security and development</li><li>Politics and Energy</li><li>State reform</li></ul>To join a serious and propositive team of Professionals in the above areas that gives punctual advice regarding the aforementioned.
REQUIREMENTS: Holders of a title, with M.Sc. or Ph.D. studies. Having specialized publications.
Interested people, send your CV by email to:

Bosque de Ciruelos No. 140, piso 12, oficina 1202, col. Bosques de las Lomas</blockquote>Yes, several of the redaction mistakes are in the original text (and several more were introduced due to my English translation, of course).
Anyway… Would you believe in the seriousness of a professional-looking group of economists, paying around US$2000 for 1/4 page in one of the leading Mexican newspapers? By the way, their offices are located at one of Mexico City’s most exclusive, expensive areas. But… For ${deity}’s sake… COME ON! Please tell juan_zzz to get a decent-looking mail and domain! Having their main contact addresses at two free mail providers, Starmedia and Yahoo, does no service at all to their professional image! How can people still not pay even a bit of attention to those basic details?


Ivan Aleman 2007-05-23 20:41:13

The basics?

“How can people still not pay even a bit of attention to those basic details?”

Simple, it’s call: procrastination.

‘nuff said!

markuz 2007-05-23 07:17:05

Re: On sending out the right image

Well… that email seems ugly, but is common to me. I live near to the Mexico-Tuxpan federal road, and I see lots of trucks with:,,

Those emails are like that because that enterprices don’t care too much about the computer stuff, they have an email, but i guess they won’t pay for a site, or they haven’t thought about that.

nvl 2007-06-25 05:14:52

Re: On sending out the right image

¡This is México, Señores! We are a computation people, the reality is very different for another people.