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On social networks

There have been many (too many) social networks coming and going out of fashion in the last years. I got quite excited when I first learnt about them. Advogato was as cool as it could be, and having somebody label me master (even though most had me as a journeyer, IIRC, and that was my level as far as I tracked it) was really inspiring.
Then came friendster, and then orkut. I spent far too many hours in them, and was really happy (and surprised!) to find the many ways to my friends, some of them have been out of my radar for too long.
And then, everybody started creating their social networks for remembering birthday dates, and for finding who likes the same music (and books and whatnot) as you do. And this silly thing called Twitter.
I’m sorry. I don’t play anymore. I’m fed up with it.
Maybe it’s that I’ve grown old and cranky, but I don’t even answer to invitations to social networks nowadays. And I’m sorry - It’s not that I don’t care about you, it’s not that I don’t like you - I don’t like losing my time creating yet-another-mapping of still-the-same group of friends.