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Choose your pain: Legs or back

So I have an extra chair today at my office. Is that good?
Some weeks ago, I started noticing some stinging and numbness in my legs, specially the left one. I went to the social security, and got a simple prescription: Two weeks having a certain medicine whose name I don’t remember by now. But the timing was not the best, as this happened exactly during my vacations - After finishing with this medication, I still had a full week before coming back to work. And when I came back, things seemed to be fine. But still, this does not tell me if my body is at fault, or if it is my chair instead…
At the Institute, we have basically two models of chair: The one I usually have, a bit taller and better suited for my kind of table (as its arms fit nicely just under the table (as they were designed to go together). The other, a bit shorter and rounder, but with higher arms.
The stinging in the left leg is back there - No, it does not (yet) bother me, but I trust it will. So, of course, I tried the other chair. The seat is much more ergonomical, yes, and it feels overall better - But I have to reach over to use my keyboard…
So this means I can either get a different chair by my own means, or choose between back and leg pain.


Daniel 2007-08-30 17:15:34

Re: Choose your pain: Legs or back

I’ve got back problems, and I’ve found that sitting on one of those bouncy exercise balls can actually help quite a bit. I just bought one for work last week, so I can’t say for sure if using it as a chair regularly will help, but I’ve used them as desk chairs at home in the past with good results.

PS: after I preview, your captcha doesn’t remember that I already filled it in!

prd 2007-09-25 10:29:31

Re: Choose your pain: Legs or back

elegir un dolor u otro… sabiendo que al final igual va a dolernos todo el cuerpo. cosas de la vida moderna?

Roadmaster 2007-08-10 14:16:07

Re: Choose your pain: Legs or back

Can’t you unscrew the arms of that chair? it’s bad to lean on the chair’s arms anyway. Get your own chair, I used to get hand cramps with the HP keyboard at work, then I brought my own ergo keyboard and all is well.