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Glúcklich in Österreich!

Good comrades, great chat, greater motivation.
Some good Scotch whisky, a good friend who was lumped along with me in .br by mere chance. A very good time.
A strong whisky aftertaste and numbness in the mouth. My first couple of pages of Terry Pratchet - Thanks a bunch!
My mind wanders, I go over all the nice and dear things and people
Maybe tomorrow I should restart my reading? I know Pratchett is not supposed to make much (rational) sense, but still… Although I’ve enjoyed this couple of pages, I’d rather let the whisky wear out before continuing with the gollem owner’s life and tribulations, with his friendly treatment for his plausible but honorable assassin…
Today I saw quantum superpositions mixed with special relativity in a small (less than 200 lines) Perl module. Positronic variables go back in time, yay! Damian Conway rules.
Time to sleep, yes, if tomorrow you want to be in time for the lightning talks. Oh, BTW: great honor, great honor: One of the lightning talkers requested /me to sit on the front row “to have a friendly face to look at”. Have to comply, have to do.
But… Last reflection before going away: What a better way to describe bliss in Vienna (oder auf Deutstch, ich glaube - glúcklich in Österreich;) than to go to sleep while listening to the neighbour’s fucking-loud music? Of course, his fucking-loud-music is just the-Balkan-music-you-seem-to-love, so everything’s úberfine!
Thanks to everybody who made this possible. Specially to the Austrian friends.