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Is it already December!? Oh, crap...

Last weekend, Nadezhda and me went to the the San Nicolás Totoloapan park, a beautiful area in the slopes of the Ajusco mountain. We cycled only for a short while, as we are not really used to slopes nor to non-paved roads - But all in all, it was very fun and a very nice time.

But, only now I realize, thanks to the oh-so-always-nice Rodrigo, that, because of having fun while being at the Ajusco, we completely missed November's Ciclotón.


Cycling over 30 Km in Mexico City is very fun. Nadezhda loved it when she did it in August, just the day I came back from Vienna. I loved it when I did it last month, when she was in Monterrey. But, being together, we insist on missing it. Bah. Anyway, this Sunday we will have the short (~15Km) ride in Coyoacán.


2007-12-02 09:02:05

Re: Is it already December!? Oh, crap…

yes it is, december till next year. enjoy it!!!!