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Yet Another Ciclotón

Call me reiterative, but yes, it is this time of the month again: Last Sunday. Today we went cycling to my city's Ciclotón. Although Nadezhda already took part in the August 2007 ciclotón, I was flying in from Europe that day. When I did the Ciclotón in October, she was in Monterrey. Then in December, Rodrigo reminded us that we missed it. So, this is the first time I do the Ciclotón with Nadezhda! (To my defense: Yes, I sent a SMS to Rodrigo... But too late - He probably didn't plan it on time, so we just didn't meet once again).

And what, am I going to come and brag each time I take my bike out for a longer-than-usual ride? (40Km is no small feat. Well, not for me at least!) Probably not. But if you remember, I just got a new toy, and I can now prove it to you all:


Erik Johansson 2008-01-27 23:11:33

Re: Yet Another Ciclotón

Do you upload to I couldn’t find any tracks for mexico so I thought I would ask you to upload.

Kevin Mark 2008-01-27 22:44:22

Re: Yet Another Ciclotón

Wow, I didn’t realize you were doing simulations of atomic reactions? Do bikes go that fast ;-) Were you a proton or electron?