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I. Feel. Dirty.

I just spent the productive part of the last couple of days going over several alternatives, as I didn’t want to do the most obvious thing. But I ended up doing it. I think I did it carefully… And in a restricted system. Still, having a Web-facing script that executes a password-changing script running with Sudo-granted privileges… No matter how much correctness and sanity checking it involves… Makes me feel dirty.


Anonymous 2008-02-21 08:43:35

…if you did it

…if you did it carefully. and if you know that you had tried to find an other ways. if you are sure about your decision. and it works. don’t feel dirty, It´s done. sometimes, the most obvious way, is the one. even if it is not the better one.

vicm3 2008-02-21 06:19:46

I would

Feel worry, but not dirty… I know it’s diferent… but as we talked before… looks like there is no other way to accomplish that task… if you post your trouble? who know maybe someone has found a better solution.